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Traffic Paints

We are one of Turkey’ s leading suppliers of high-performance road marking paints. Our company is already selling this kind of products all over the world, including African countries. Basic features of our traffic paints;

High adhesion to different surfaces like roads and asphalt.

Fast-drying, touch dry 10 minutes, hard dry 60 minutes.

High resistance of bad weather conditions.

7 Different Colors 

Our cold road marking paints based on alkyd resin. There are 7 different color options; White, Black, Ral1023 Yellow, Ral3020 Red, Ral6029 Green, Ral7040 Gray and Ral5015 Blue for Cycle roads.

Easy to use

You can paint approximately 80 square meter surfaces in a single coat with 20 kg our road line paint.

Suitable for many surfaces

It can be used safely on highways, concrete, asphalt, mosaic and factory floors and for all kind of markings.

Surfaces must be ragged

Not: Please be aware that for application on vacuum concrete surfaces is not recommended because of weak adhesion.

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